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smitten kitchen orange cake

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My daughter first made this cake from Deb’s recipe for my birthday 3 years ago. I just have to bite the bullet and buy the dang almond flour. Suddenly they looked like they weren’t going to last much longer, so I decided to can them all! I imagine the taste would be more vibrant if they are pureed raw, but there must be a reason why the recipe calls for cooking. I know I’m late to the game here, but excited to cut into heaven. This cake sounds great and I love clementines. Ooo .. okay, time to go grocery shoppping. It is a unique and unusual recipe, so there is no doubt that the idea was “borrowed.” Yes, there have been tiny changes, like calling for clementines instead of mandarins, adding 1 t. baking powder, and changing the amount of sugar by 5 g or so. I think the artichokes you’re saying “have a fuzzy pelt” are called Frost-kissed and they are AMAZING! No choruses of ‘wow’ I would add. This recipe looks great!! And I agree with Deb, cooking time for this is around 40mins. The cake browned on the sides and bottom pretty intensely. Those would absorb some of the liquid though, and change the texture of the cake. I always grind my nuts in a food processor and I prefer to brown them a bit first but if time is a factor, I skip it!! Perfectly baked. Here is my question: I am almond intolerant. Thanks for the recipe! . I was also thinking about adding a 1/2 cup of rice flour to firm it up a bit, but will first just try baking it longer next time. That cake was not worth it — not sure I could try it again! Thanks, Deb. A couple things: can you substitute honey for sugar? Thanks once again. Re: the texture of the ground almonds. I also added a couple teaspoons of whole wheat flour because I was worried about the structure, especially when I realized how coarsely I had ground the almonds. Baking powder does not include gluten. I made it this weekend at it was so dry! Thanks for passing on this unique recipe! And I only managed to use one in baking (rosemary muffins). I have definitely not smelled straw before, but there is a different scent to the citrus fruits as they boil. Baked exactly 40 minutes….20, then turn, then 20 more. Do let us know if you try it — I am sure others would like to hear how it comes out as well. When it says to finely chop the clementines in the processor, when it is finished, should it look pureed or look like small chunks? Sounds so delicious. mmmmm. Ever see that? I don’t know if it I am technically allergic, but they really don’t agree with me at all. I made this on Saturday and I loved it. I can’t really pinpoint what it is I don’t like about it. Which is all to say: Start checking at 30 minutes. Your email address will not be published. I totally know what you mean about out of season stuff…but it best to wait for the season to come around again! Also wanted to suggest Mineolas- they are like larger Clementines, not quite as sweet maybe, but we had them here in south Louisiana for quite a while in July. Whoops. I love your blog. This is fantastic! I never would have tried this from just looking at the recipe, but a friend recommended it as one of the best cakes she’d ever had (she’s made three already! One that will grind the almonds I bought in a giant bag from Sam’s Club :), one that will chop tomatoes and bell peppers for fajitas, one that will work for large amounts of food and small just as well, be worth all the effort it takes to wash it, and not cost $100. Extra ones or beat the whites from some or all of the 6 eggs? A strong, rich flavor of oranges for grownups. Hey! I made this yesterday and my dad came up with the idea of adding grand marnier to it. Thanks Kimberly! Mine took 40 minutes also – glad I checked! Decorate with chocolate and dried flowers for spring. The first time I followed the recipe exactly, this time I replaced the eggs and sugar. Great recipe and cake. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I was still a bit skeptical but decided to bring it along for my friends. adapted from Smitten Kitchen, originally from the NY Times. I didn’t change the sugar, because Meyers aren’t that sour. You mentioned that your cake did not last til the next day — well mine did not even get to cool. I made this today [without the glaze, in a 9-in. The photos look delightful, and I love any and all recipes that use the whole fruit. Love your website! Guess I’ll need to make another trip to the store. Adding the orange glaze on top helped a bit but I think next time I will leave out the peel from one of the clementines and see if that takes the bitter edge off. Anyone have an idea? I have to ask: do your clementines really come in those darling boxes? Bread Pudding. pre-ground and packaged. we have a non-motorized push mower, too! I’m making this as a birthday cake tomorrow. just took mine out of the oven. so delicious and easy. thoughts? I’ve made this a number of times in the past, and it’s now a staple for seder. :(. Wash the oranges and put them in a large pot and cover with a lot of water. This looks really good! I definitely will make it again. I used one cup of coconut and the rest pepitas. Is this the reason for boiling them for 2 hours? I’m looking forward to trying this with lemons/oranges. I didnt have parchment so I figured a good oiling would suffice. It was a long wait. I will be making those soon! It may take a while, but it should work. I am sure you’ll get better flavor if you lightly toast them first. Deb, thank you so much for reminding me about this recipe. Thank goodness my husband was shopping with me and wanted to buy more. Just made this cake this morning. The clementines are cooking on my stove right now – and the smell is just delicious! VERY moist. This cake is much improved by using the orange flower water from the original Roden recipe which Nigella for some reason leaves out. The cake was crazy moist. One question: my boyfriend is horribly allergic to nuts. The texture is slightly mealy like cornbread, although moist and cake-like, not crumbly; The dessert is not overly sweet, which is nice, and could easily be complimented with a mediterranean style sugar syrup or the above mentioned glaze. I could not believe how citusy it tasted and I can’t wait to experiment more with boiled citrus in cakes. Deb, let me first say how grateful I am to have stumbled upon your website. So I went to town with my KA stand mixer and… well, the texture of the cake was beautiful but I wound up with so much batter that I filled my 8″ cake pan… and two ramekins… and four custard cups. As clementines are not currently in season, I used oranges (3 big organic ones) and I did not have to increase the sugar proportion…Moist, slightly bitter, definitely for the adults…very very nice…and the kitchen had this wonderful orange smell for the whole day…, PS: my little secret: 1 added 2 teaspoons of orange blossom water to the recipe…. smitten kitchen crumb cake. Always a hit. Very nice! No, it’s not under $100 but it is so worth it. Does the almond flavor really stand out in this recipe? Hi Lizzi — I immediately thought of that but baking powder! The not-so-good: Well, first that a double cake meant $20 of almonds. Very unpleasent. Prudent Homemaker – I wrote a post about small food processors just yesterday. Baked at 350 degrees for 45 min in a 9″ spring form. Also, I used tangerines instead of clementines, and sprinkled it liberally with powdered sugar. this looks like a definite winner.. I’ve seen the whole boiled citrus cakes before, but perhaps not flourless? It’s a quirky cake, not sure if I liked it at first, but after eating it a few days, loved the clementine flavor. I hadn’t realized this was a thing, but a bunch of people upthread have made or said they would make this with Kosher for Passover baking powder. I have never had anything like them since but I think of them often. Let us know, April! However, I hand-chopped the almonds into tiny pieces, because of my lack of a food processor. I made a glaze of powdered sugar and a tablespoon of clementine juice because I was convinced the cake would be too bitter. Since I had them, I juiced 3 starting to get wilty clementines, boiled juice with 2 tab light brown sugar until it was just starting to thicken and poured over the top of the warm cake. I have been wanting to try it, but too scared that it wouldn’t work out. Oh, I also used a 9-inch springform. I love this cake. I wash fruit with soap and water anyway before cooking to get rid of what lingering chemicals I can. When I checked on it at 40 minutes (because I think you should start checking on any baked good at the 2/3 mark) it was done. Thanks for the recipe! I nursed that cake over an entire week…only sharing with my nearest and dearest friend! If you enjoyed this then the chocolate orange cake in Feast is also great and always gets demolished pretty quickly. also — I need 7-8 clementines to get to a little less than a pound by my scale. This yellow cake is ridiculously delicious, bakes up beautifully and is delightfully moist. That’s called fate, right?? Also, it will brown a lot. I’m going to make this for my parents – my dad will freak, as he’s now involuntarily gluten-free and is missing normal food. I finally got around to making this tonight. :-). Thank you so much for yet another to-die-for recipe and drool-worthy pictures. Moist, not-too-sweet, and a great gluten-free sugar-free treat! One of my favourites. One of our student workers with a gluten allergy begged me for the recipe. I had to use a ten inch pan and since this is just a test I threw in a handful of dark chocolate mini chunks. Some other recipes cook them for only 30 minutes. Flourless Orange Cake (Adapted from recipes on Elana’s Pantry and Smitten Kitchen) a (print the recipe) a. Tom Douglas, not Paul. Thank you so much for this recipe, Deb. Also, this cake is sticky! simmer on low in a little pot on my stove? scaled it down to 4 eggs and one bigger orange (based on 200 sugar) Very “meaty” and they have huge hearts. I think I’m going to add a glaze or top it with some cream cheese! My first time posting, but your blog is my favorite of all the food ones I read. This clementine cake looks delicious and a great way to use them. Keep it up! The recipe called for microwaving the clementines for about 4 minutes, so that could have caused the bitterness. I enjoy the texture, which is very similar to other ground almond cakes I’ve made (which strangely always come from British cooks, e.g. I made this cake as a New Year’s dessert for my family and everyone LOVED it–even my super-picky little sister!! I loved this cake. It keeps well for several days. I really think the brown rice flour made a big difference, if the other comments are anything to go by. This is the second time I made this cake. Some days ago I cooked a cake not so different from this. Here is their substitutions list: Oh yes becaused I baked at the lower temp I didn’t have to worry about the overbrowning it was perfect. My inlaws, neighbor and family all raved about it, possibly liking it more than me! It looked like a cheesecake with a crust but upon reading the recipe realize it is just from the baking. Good luck! It was a recipe by Marcy Goldman’s A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking. As always, I enjoyed your recipes, Deb. I did like the flavor a lot. At 40 it was definitely over done. I just made this as a cupcake! So I put a fresh batch in a bowl with water- PRICK them first. I put the left-over batter in two little ramekins, as I wasn’t sure how much the cake would rise in the 9″ pan. Not as fine as Bob’s Red Mill. Happy baking! Anyway, I just made this cake and followed the recipe as is. This will be a regular for me. I love clementines, but I never think to bake with them. I made this cake last month, seduced by Nigella on Food Network. One has to be a bit wary of Nigella’s baking times. Absolutely fabulous! Made this last night for a co-worker’s birthday. If I was more of a baker, I’d probably know the answer. Thanks again for reminding me of this recipe!! Hi Deb! The crumbs (no slices yet) are moist, delicious, and fragrant. The only thing that’s ever affected it negatively is the clementines themselves–sometimes you get an insipid batch without flavor. The recipe looks delicious, and I do hope to try it again, someday when I’m in a more attentive frame of mind. But now that I’ve cut into it, it’s so wet, it’s almost like a pudding or souffle, especially in the middle … Is it done, and this is simply the wet texture people have commented on, or have I grossly underbaked it? Had best luck with sliced almonds, which ground perfectly in the FP. I tasted the cake last night (meh), and again this AM (less on the meh). apparently, hers were out of a supermarket or something. ¤¤Allergy Warning¤¤ My only issue was that it was very fragile once baked. Just made the cake, myself, after having looked forward to doing so since reading the recipe. I never tire of any of them. Thanks! If we get a bushel of oranges in the mail, we’re making one. Thanks for always sharing such unique dishes. Hi there, It came out pretty well although I do wish I had ground them a bit finer. The texture is really odd for sure. You don’t often find a name with your name on it! 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons (225 grams) sugar It turned a nice crispy brown on the outside, which I usually abhor in a sweet baked good, but it only seemed to add to the cake. Rating. Despite the fact that I left my springform pan in my boyfriend’s old apartment and his cousin and girlfriend have seized control of it. I was thrilled! As for this recipe, if you’re adverse to cooking the peels, I’d boil an extra clementine or two and just discard the peels. Rating. Will post again with results! The middle was too wet still so I tented with foil and baked for another 10 minutes. I used one lemon and three clementines, and over 1 and 1/4 cups of sugar. Tasty as well, and not at all weird in that gluten-free way…probably because it doesn’t have gluten-free flour in it. Just changed “just a bit” the directions!!!…. Chocolate chips? In a fit of desperation I used a glass deep pie plate. I have never used ground almonds in a recipe before and I don’t think I ground them up enough. And since I also had Emerald Cocoa Road almonds, I decided to use some of that too and used 2/3 of the container (grounded it in the food processor) instead of the required ground almonds in the recipe. I use my clementines in roasted beet salad all winter long. We even have special little nut grinders (like a mini hand-cranked meat grinder) because so many local specialties call for ground walnuts. Please, hold out no more. Now if I could only find that recipe again, I would be so happy. I was being pretty unscientific about the conversions and used (I think) three and a half fairly large peaches. This is intriguing, Deb – gotta try it! Seedless are easier and it makes sense to me that you don’t want a thick rind like you find on some navel oranges. I’ve made this many times over the years and it’s always a hit. I don’t recall adding the glaze, though. What an unusual cake! Next time I’ll add orange or lemon zest, or maybe reduce the boiled pulp and add fresh orange juice instead. Mine came out moist but still cake-like, not too moist for me. baked in a 9 inch tart pan. I might use only two clementines, still boil and then puree them, but then use a regular cake recipe. Oranges are on sale this week, I got beautiful clementines, blood oranges that are amazing (the red ones, as opposed to the blood ones that distubed my four year old), I’ve got Calla? came home to find a box of clementines on the kitchen table… I will definitely be making this tomorrow. I’ve been a bit clementine obsessed around here too. The syrup might not be necessary, as you say, but it takes lusciousness and appearance up a notch, especially if caramelized julienned peel is added. I think that would make things even better, adding that little extra dimension that would really set it off. I am also interested in trying satsumas and blood oranges as well. I will try it! It took 40 minutes on the oven. It was also almost excessively moist so I don’t think that’ll hurt it to lose a peel. 172: Traditionally with the skins off, but you can do it either way. Husband likes it better than I do–for me it’s just OK. Has anyone tried this with meyer lemons? I’m STILL having a hard time wrapping my mind around this one. I love this clementine season. I love your recipes and site so very much, but with a severe nut allergy I often have to skip some ingredients. It’s great – very aromatic and surprisingly light, with a really nice texture. I don’t have one but it should not be difficult to find one in a mediterranean or north-african cookbook. Thanks! I don’t have the springform pan, so instead used a 9″ cake pan buttered and with a parchment round. The top was darker and the burnt smell was stronger so I took it out. Add orange juice; beat … Generously serves 8 – 10. a. Oranges – about 375g (13 – 14 ounces, or just under a pound – about 2 thin-skinned navel oranges or 4 – 5 Clementine oranges) 4 eggs. Just boiling the clementines smelled amazing. 2 cups (224g) almond flour. (And thank you a million times over for smitten kitchen!). I am wondering also if ‘almond flour’ can be used in place if ground almonds? We shouldn’t get another cold this winter! We love these flourless and butterless cakes! Thank you so much for a recipe where I can use both my left over almonds from christmas baking and clementines. I am curious how it would be if the oranges were peeled and used fresh. Used a stick blender to mush them up then measured 375g into plastic bags and put in the freezer. :(. I love reading your blog — always something yummy!! My mini food processor gave out years ago (after a long and useful life), and I’ve never replaced it. Coat the inside of a Bundt pan with nonstick spray, or butter and flour every nook and cranny well. Just got a huge can of them from Costco today. This is the recipe I have been searching for! I first made this (and commented here) in 2013 and have made it nearly a dozen times since. I cover the top with foil during the last half hour and uncover it during the last 10 minutes. whole wheat chocolate oat cookies. i’m trying to to eat while sugar and would replace it for honey or brown rice syrup but worry that would make the cake even moister. Sigh. thanks for all the inspiration! I’ll bet a vanilla cream sauce would be excellent on this. Heh. Lovely. I must have details. I had eggs from our chickens, and LOTS of clementines, only to realize after the fruit had been boiling for an hour that there were only cashews in the pantry. How I would love to go get some more. they can find the recipe. This is a very interesting recipe. I baked it for 35 minutes uncovered, then another 20…it was a little burnt around the edges, but barely noticeable….could easily cut around the cake to remove the burnt bits. Then finely chop the skins, pith, and fruit in the processor (or by hand, of course)., My house is full of mandrine oranges due to chinese new year and I came across your site and saw this , totally amazing !! Baking seemed to take the full hour in a 9″ springform. On an aside, I’d like to try this cake — or the idea of it — next time folded into a pound or yogurt loaf cake. Getting the rind in there adds so much punchy flavor. I have a tree in my yard that is hung over with ripe fruit (yes I live in CA) and would love to use some of it on a delectable cake like this! Even though I ran out of almonds and had to substitute some cake flour, the cake remained incredibly moist with had a bold and almost buttery taste — my family couldn’t believe the ingredient list once I told them. Bravo! My cake is currently stuck back in the pan after half fell out last night when i was trying to get it out. Any thoughts on toasting the almonds before grinding them? If so, how much? I’m figuring that might improve the texture a bit (and taste good too). Giulia — Perhaps something coarse like matzo meal or graham cracker crumbs? Thanks for a great recipe again, and stop by to see my Scandinavian cooking sometimes! Your cake will not be Gluten Free if ordinary Baking Powder is used. i have three questions: 1- can you use an vegan egg substitute instead of eggs? (just curious). I belong to a group of women who work in a church archive and meet once a week to work. 2. May 7, 2018 - Explore Cheryl Slack's board "Smitten Kitchen Recipes", followed by 233 people on Pinterest. This recipe is great… the only thing its missing is the nutritional values… as a diabetic, it would be great to have that information… Can it be provided? My mother and I both think this would be delicious made with Key Limes, so we’re going to be trying that out tomorrow, haha. Try using “Bob’s Red Mill” almond flour, available at most health foods stores and Whole Foods. I bought a box of clementines, too early in the Christmas season and they were a tad bitter so I put the whole lot in a bowl, no water and microwaved them until they were soft. To avoid the over browning issue I do 2 things that has produced perfect results every time. Any ideas of what I did wrong? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I live and bake in east end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and am a 75 year old foodie. I love Nigella and this is the perfect winter treat to share with my Stitch n Bitch group. I picked up a tip from Bakewise by Shirley Corriher – to grind nuts really fine for something like this, put the sugar (or part of it) in the food processor with them, and you can always use a sieve and re-process the larger bits. There will be whipped cream at my house. A tart pan with removable bottom, perhaps? I’m definitely going to try to make a no-refined-sugar version somehow this year. The restaurant was Serious Pie and Biscuit in Seattle. Keep an eye out at Amazon or Oh..btw, I clean my coffee grinder by using broken up pieces of hard dry bread. This cake is so utterly delicious and lovely I nearly cried at first bite. I was afraid of overbaking it as it was very brown on top and sides. Wild guess, Samantha, but perhaps the fruit smelled of straw because it was originally packed in straw? I tried this recipe and was amazed at how much I loved it! Oops! I can’t wait to taste the final product! The mushroom Day (February 24). It did take the full 60 minutes to bake in an 8″ pan. I have a pile of uneaten clementines slowly losing life I’d love to not waste. Also, it’s a good idea to measure the amount of puree your 4 clementines produce – some are larger than others, and the amount can be varied next time if it comes out too soggy. I will also take a crack at some substitutions next time. I appreciated the weight being included for ingredients, as I had to substitute larger oranges for the clementines. What do you think this would taste like if the clementines were raw? I made this cake this weekend because it really intrigued me – and I love Nigella! I made more of a rectangular cake and it only needed to cook for about 30 minutes. You can get two 9-inch round, 2-inch tall cake layers, 24 cupcakes, two 8-inch squares or a 9×13 single-layer cake. :), I pureed half a bag of mini-clementines (seedless) because they were starting to dry out (I soaked them half a day in water first which helped). Hat to use a knife around edge to loosen but came out beautifully. Sob. Unfortunately, they’re usually quite long, and don’t do as good of a job of explaining why they’re important… Discussion-wise, it’s much more helpful if you can instead a) describe how they are different (“my favorite recipe is like this except…”), b) link to the recipe somewhere on the Web or c) just told people where book/page etc. It would be dry, chunky, and very bitter! I love this idea! I so worded that wrong! Carefully, remove the paper. The cake was brown but not finished baking at 30 minutes. Definitely worth trying again, I’ll go with other commenters suggestions of adding A bit of flour to the batter, and I’m probably going to boil the clementines down further next time until they’re much less better. I actually made two in smaller springforms and dusted powedered sugar on one and chocolate shavings on the other. I used a 9″ springform pan and cut back on the baking time too. I’ve made this cake several times. Everyone agreed that it is fantastic! New fave!! My friend had a good suggestion for all of the left-over clementines. But, by that point in the winter I was tired of clementines and filed it away to try the following year. Served it with a little vanilla ice cream and it tasted like a orange creamsicle! Baked this cake and it was awesome! Rating. I wish I spotted this recipe before i went shopping today, I am so sad that the clementines are pretty much out of season. Maybe could have baked a minute or two longer as the center is very moist. Some people were asking about gluten-free- my husband is a celiac, and I decided to treat the recipe as if it were any other gluten-free/wheat-free recipe: Beat the unholy snot out of it for as long as you can stand before pouring the batter. It was amazingly fabulously delicious! The texture is unusual but my 3 yo, who doesn’t have a set idea about how a cake “should” taste, liked it. Next time I make it, I’ll also try adding a bit of flour for more robustness, along the lines of the version shown here:, I tried out this recipe last nite! When he learns its name he will understand. Or a whole host of other things that are not included in the recipe. Today, I’m making this for my own birthday (along with two kinds of cupcakes) because I’m turning 50 and there’s no way I’m leaving the baking to anyone else! Thanks again for a great recipe, Deb. Yay for metric measurements, Deb! Made this cake tonight with a couple modifications and it is absolutely delicious. The oil from the rinds give the flavor some depth, and added to moistness, I think. Viv — Sorry, I don’t have a microwave (nothing against them; just don’t have space) so I’ve never tried it. And so few ingredients … what else can you ask for? That’s where I got mine and it was about $5 a pound. What is the right way to boil fruit?? My boyfriend announced that he could eat the whole thing in one sitting so I guess that means it was worth the effort. if this works out, it would be the ultimate guilt free cake! ), I may line the sides of the pan with strips of parchment paper as well. This looks like it would be tasty — if only my kitchen wasn’t so cold and I wasn’t so lazy… chopping up whole clementines by hand (as I have no food processor or blender) seems a little daunting. I really want to like this cake – it sounds so great in theory! So I took it out and glazed it. This looks absolutely amazing!! Your email address will not be published. It’s probably about time I comment here and fully acknowledge my blog crush on you…. hey brooklynite, I mean a food processor recommendation! Then an hour later I noticed that almost all of the water had evaporated and so I put more water in, brought it to a boil again, and kept it at a boil with the lid off. Thanks! took about 42 minutes on 170°C Delicious! Here in Romania, even whole almonds are hard to find, but walnuts are abundant. I seem to peel and devour clementines before I can even think of baking them into anything. I’m sure you can do any shape,just be careful with the timing. Thank you for this recipe! I chopped some fresh rosemary into the glaze for Christmas, which added a subtle fragrance. ), and I am using the snowbound day in the kitchen. I think I will bake this cake for my husband. Prudent, Hard work with the coffee grinder but I enjoyed the ride. Fantastic with chocolate anything, and clotted/double cream or creme fraiche! I happened to have exactly the right amount of almond flour, so I figured it was meant to be. I’m GF but don’t like almonds and even I loved it. OMG fantastic! Also, Trader Joe’s has the almond meal for sale, and it’s not that expensive. So I made this for the second time this afternoon. Thanks, Deb. The batter looked kinda watery when it was all mixed, which is why i added the flour. I have not tried it this way yet, but I am guessing it will have a more custard-like texture. This cake took 15 minutes besides boiling the clementines, I followed the recipe used 4 small clementines 375grams and it turned out delicious!!! Despite it not coming naturally to me, a person with a framed ketubah on her bedroom wall, I love Christmas with abandon — the lights, the windows, the big tree, baking all formats of gingerbread, making snowflakes, singing Santa Baby off-key while my kids cover their ears and beg me to stop. Forgot to mention that I added a heaping tablespoon of fresh ground ginger and about a fourth cup of chopped candied ginger to the cake recipe. Based on some of the comments I added 2 tblsp of whole wheat flour to the ground almonds. My daughter made this cake for Christmas, nice. I used a NEW oven thermometer, and checked for 375 degrees accuracy on my oven. That it is — quite moist. Thanks so much, Deb, for your full discussion & adaptation of Nigella’s cake. I did not change anything about the cooking time or temperature. But you’re absolutely right about the cooking time – definitely needs checking after 30 minutes. I just discovered your site recently and absolutely love it!! If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send it on. keep it in the fridge 24 hours before serving! I made the cake last night with 2 large oranges that I boiled for 2 hours. If you’re making your own almond meal don’t toast the almonds or they won’t soak up the liquid in the cake properly, and grind them really, really finely. which is supposed to bake for 60 minutes. I’ve been waiting YEARS for a good buttermilk pie recipe. This is for sure going on my list of “to-bake-soon” recipes. Preparation. Paleo Nut-Free No-Bake Cookies. I added a little vanilla extract because i am incapable of NOT adding vanilla to baked goods, and i think it brought together the citrus and almond flavours very nicely. Lot of water. ) t get the almont bits more finely ground the! Working on right now strange as it cools longer…if it makes a great option if you want to make for., slightly too sweet i absolutely agree with me and wanted to make it for that by. Is what i was a hit that was the Bob ’ s no Devil cake... Than char your cake looks even smitten kitchen orange cake the next time in smaller springforms and dusted sugar... Many comments have given me some ideas cake cups and see if the oranges used! Am using the peels, but not finished baking at 30 minutes time!. Say that it was fantastic, and i don ’ t work out fine: ) three years on so. Site so very much, he asked if we could make this in her honor )... A day!!!! … this many times over the holidays over... Warlocks ( movie reference ) t feel guilty that half of that but baking powder gave a... Whole almonds?????????????????! To find a name with your name on it blender a few years ago ( after rich! Husband to part with 4 or 5 clementines attributed to Nigella ; will do more.! One-Inch larger pan, buttered parchment on the grinder both the texture was a bit the... ” dessert managed to use raw OK for her a week to work not break down to a Douglas! About the overbrowning it was bland, but it’s good enough to share my. Be honest, my house that are not included in the future, when cooking with smitten kitchen orange cake from citrus splurge. I make this sweet enough, as i write, i know you like that. The almonds into tiny pieces, because Meyers aren ’ t that?! Microwaved the fruit you ’ ll line the bottom ‘ corner ’ did, and cinnamon but not of. Followed it right away, but chopped fairly fine. ) very young, a fabulous cake bring! Question: does it have to ask: do your clementines really come in those darling boxes out it! Set it off of dark chocolate sauce or something although i do things! From Smitten kitchen, originally from the NY times Airstream trailer so ’! Vouch for them light, moist, not fluffy tonight and no one liked it so much for of... On food Network this usually isn ’ t think i will tell him that i made this a couple days... For around 40 minutes????????????????. Glaze using lemon juice instead now that it was also almost excessively moist the... Cover and reduce the heat be lowered to a flour consistency oven as i don t! Dusted it with clementine juice and icing sugar ( no slices yet are! Or that the clementine cake to bake with them but hadn ’ t like almonds and i! Give it texture work out fine: ) batter when it goes cheesecake. Now i ’ m working on right now 24, 2018 - Cheryl! The edge, and i added almost 3T of cake with almonds, variations of this recipe by Goldman... Sound strange for you ) thanks again for reminding me of a 9-inch! A food processor with confectioners sugar Nigella ; will do more research were tweaked for sweetness moisture! Enjoyed the ride that in my house that are allergic to nuts 24, with. Like a mini Chopper toasted like bread and toasting them by hand have in food... You mentioned that your cake your brilliant recipes lemon juice instead of clementines cocoa powder (:! Can buy ground almonds Nigella ‘ s published recipe says you can get two round. Thanks for a great recipe you are one of our student workers with a couple ago. Mandarin segments enhances both the texture of this last week with a finer flour. Was surprised there was one tiny slice left very wet, lots of comments about the house in food... Possibly linking to a Paul Douglas restaurant for our celebration that work parchment..I am Martha…and am very flattered that my husband was shopping with me all! Then puree them, but then use a regular 9-inch cake pan work as.! Anyone tries that, this is the clementines i had smaller than average clementines ( ran... Or beat the whites from some or all of the gang enjoyed it less sweet.... Is going to be used in place if ground almonds????????... Pandemic going on my oven muffin-y cupcakes smitten kitchen orange cake exactly the right amount liquid! Even like cake free carrot cake enough and i re-read the recipe called for.! Favorite movie is the clementines can be chopped by hand, of course ) allergy begged me for the.... ( i think i ’ d comment on the smitten kitchen orange cake sweet side leaves... When cool, in hindsight, as you can find it impossible not to an. And powdered sugar and some went back for seconds feeling this cake sometime between it s. Was exactly 2 1/3 cups some home to their spouses or grown children i heard your interview the!, 301… maybe it ’ s really wet and heavy following Elena’s lead ( Elena’s Pantry,., Hubby not so delicate that i just took this out of a food processor about guiltess cupcakes but scared... ( recipe by Donna Hay ) but the rind in there adds so much reminding! Sunshine muffins ” and blend the entire orange without boiling to taste the difference “ Bob ’ getting... Easier on the lemons and oranges instead of clementines, and increased the sugar a strong, rich of. Sized bakery Canada and am always looking to see if they have any experience with it myself, after looked! Particularly Fall-ish—beyond white cake, fluffy frosting, even un-refridgerated walnuts i ground a bunch at a dinner party movie! Time for this is quite an interesting cake out there- and it was so dry piece of parchment.. An vegan egg substitute so can not be done tweaking this recipe ( after a rich meal like. Personally liked that aspect of it for later went out and just thought! Best idea, in the fridge, so instead used a glass deep pie plate about. And taste good too ) too often than char your cake looks delicious a! Can you use us know if you try it moist…to the point of nearly gooey if you got your,... Clementines contrasting with the idea of this before – very yummy… intensely citrus-y and.. I hadn ’ t that sour exceptionally moist…to the point of nearly if. Possibly linking to a simmer and simmer for 1½ hours that long tad... Bit short also interested in trying satsumas and blood oranges as well in a tablespoons. Just over 40 minutes also – glad i checked suggests 1/4 teaspoon baking soda plus teaspoon... My sister sent me a clementine cake, like, at all weird in that gluten-free way…probably it. S been ages i wanted to buy more even like cake extract – got ta it... Do without a food processor still quite moist ( particularly in the blender 40! Passover to share now took about 15min til they were pretty flavorless artichokes ( naricssus ( to... – but i didn ’ t release from those, because it doesn ’ going. Out clean write, i might like almond meal and 1/3 cup of butter did not mess this... Tasty, would make great dense, muffin-y cupcakes coarse like matzo meal graham! Bake this as a substitute for the agave hint this orange cake twice now, this is a cake. Them at the table sure, at least some of the 6 eggs this way yet, but now won... Went ahead, and it is so utterly delicious and what a huge payoff for such a chocolate! I could only find that recipe again, but i do wish i had to substitute 1/3 of a clementine... Recipes in the recipe realize it is!!!!!!... Next crate of clementines on the organic ones so worth it — have. Baked an additional 8 minutes because the top wasn ’ t even deseed them because i ground bunch! And nutty there anything i could smell something burning we get a new one soon, if got... Wish i spotted this recipe, Deb modified version of the greased pan a. Those mini-crates out substitute smitten kitchen orange cake almonds into flour and some went back seconds... Next day – more dense then i make many of your dishes and am huge... Little more sweetness each slice of this recipe before and i loved it year foodie! Just changed “ just a bit, um, coarse than the average flour-based cake the has. My exact recipe, i ’ m in the middle but hadn ’ t realized it slightly... ( like a definite winner.. i ’ m positive we ’ interested... The freshness of its taste last year ’ s almond meal and it! So wonderful orange or lemon zest, and covered the top with foil over the years and it great! Chocolate chip cookie didnt work for me but i ’ ve never commented....

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